Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce a new seminar series in the area of environmental health, which was organized and will be hosted by the NIEHS T32 trainees. The series will take place at 4:00pm on the third Thursday of every month (in the Veterinary Medicine Research Facility 3B, Room 1105), beginning in November and ending in May.

We have invited a diversity of speakers from around the country to talk about their specific research and experience in environmental health. You will find a schedule at the end of this announcement listing the speakers invited, the dates they are presenting and a short description of their background. Individual flyers for the invited speakers will be circulated before each seminar as reminders, but please keep this announcement for the whole series as a reference.

We invite you to join us for the seminars and encourage you to invite your lab members as well. This will be a great opportunity to pull together the UC-Davis environmental health community, as well as to interact with leaders in environmental health outside of our community.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The NIEHS T32 Trainees

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