Past Trainees



Title of Research Project or Research Topic


Current Position and Institution

Arias, Angelo

Loss of ATF5 function protects from neural tumor formation.

Dr. James Angelastro

Post Doc - UCSD Cancer Center

Aronov, Pavel

Metabolic Profiling of Biologically Active Conjugated Dienes Using Diels-Alder Derivatization and Electrospray Ionization/Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Bruce Hammock

Mass Spectrometry Staff Scientist at Stanford University

Arrieta, Daniel

Biomarkers of organo-phosphate ester exposure in adults and sensitive populations

Dr. Barry Wilson

Senior Toxicologist, Chevron Phillips Chemical LP

Banda, Douglas

The chemistry and enzymology of MutY DNA repair glycosylases

Dr. Sheila David

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Barnhart, Christopher

Mechanisms of PCB developmental neurotoxicity

Dr. Pam Lein

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Bassein, Jed

Determining the impact of air pollutants on the developing respiratory and immune systems

Dr. Lisa Miller

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Beller, Justin

The Role of Astrocytic Glutamate Transporter in Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Bruce Lyeth

Post Doc – University of Kentucky


Characteration of Eukaryotic Reactive Cysteine Proteome for use as a screen for toxic metals

Dr. Matt Wood

Health Scientist - ChemRisk

Bradshaw, Katie

Functional Implications of Iron-Sulfur Cluster MUT

Dr. Sheila David

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Bratt, Jennifer

The contribution of arginase activity in the development of airway hyperreactivity and the inflammatory phenotype

Dr. Jerold Last

Post Doc - UC Davis

Brennan, Jennifer

Antiestrogenicity of dioxin-like chemicals is modulated by Ah and estrogen receptor protein interactions

Dr. Michael Denison

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Burke, Candace

IL-12-induced modulation of the neonatal immune profile in an infant monkey model of childhood asthma.

Dr. Lisa Miller

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Burns, Stephanie

Procyanidins in the diet – effect on hepatic glutathione S-transferase in mice and protection against oxidative stress


Professor, Napa Valley Community College

Bustamante, Jessica-Miranda

Mechanisms by which inhaled engineered nanomaterials can cause lung injury using cellular models

Dr. Laura Van Winkle

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Carosino, Christopher

Exposure to Ultrafine particles during allergic sensitization yields an altered lung epithelial structure

Dr. Kent Pinkerton

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Carratt, Sarah

The role of pulmonary and hepatic naphthalene metabolites in respiratory tumorigenesis

Dr. Laura Van Winkle

Post Doc - Oregon Health & Science University

Cattolica, Robert


Ryanodine receptor toxicant susceptibility alleles and neurobehavorial disorders

Dr. Isaac Pessah

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis


Chan, Jackie

Roles of AhR, Nrf2 and bronchial epithelium toxicity compared between adult and neonatal rats in response to ultrafine particulate matter

Dr. Laura Van Winkle

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Chen, Hao

Mechanisms mediating NDL-PCBs' and PBDEs' effects on developmental neurotoxicity

Dr. Pam Lein

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Chou, Debbie

Cytokine expression using a non-human primate model of allergic asthma

Dr. Lisa Miller

Veterinarian, Banfield Pet Hospital, Sacramento

Corrigan, Mary

Ubiquitin and SUMO pathways implicated in meiosis and cellular resistance to environmental stress

Dr. Neil Hunter

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

DeGroot, Danica

Analysis of ligand specific differences in functional activity of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)

Dr. Michael Denison

Postdoc – University of Colorado


Dunaway, Keith

Persistent organic pollutants' effect on epigenetics and neurodevelopmental disorders (such as autism)

Dr. Janine LaSalle

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Ellis-Hutchings, Robert

Polybrominated diphenyl ether induced alterations in retinoid homeostasis – mechanisms and developmental consequences

Dr. Carl Keen

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicologist, The Dow Chemical Company

Eloi, Marjannie

Effects of the environmental toxicant, polybrominated diphenyl ether-49, on immune function and

cellular signaling a human pediatric population

Dr. Judy van de Water

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Faber, Samantha

The role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor in human health and activation of the receptor by various environmental toxicants

Dr. Mike Denison

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Fairbairn, Elise

Nuclear accumulation of B-catenin as an indicator of abnormal axial development in vertebrate embryos exposed to PAHs

Dr. Gary Cherr

Post Doc – UC Davis

Flayer, Cameron

Mechanisms of ozone induced airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness

Dr. Angela Haczku


Friesner, Joanna

Non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) of DNA double-strand breaks in Arabidopsis thaliana


Coordinator at North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee

Fry, William

Role of Fragile X mental retardation protein in regulation of local protein synthesis in neurons

Dr. Kimberley McAllister

Post Doc – UC Davis

Harris, Todd 

Function of the N-terminal region of mammalian soluble epoxide hydrolase

Dr. Bruce Hammock

Post Doc – UC Davis

Hayakawa, Keri

Role of Endobiotics and Xenobiotics in Promoting Vascular Dysfuntion In Chronic Kidney Disease

Dr. Jason Eiserich

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Hill, Thomas

Combined effects of ozone and 1-nitro naphthalene exposure on biomarkers of pulmonary inflammation

Dr. Richart Harper

Post Doc – University of Colorado


Jakober, Chris

Determining the effect of atmospheric transport on motor vehicle particulate matter composition

Dr. Michael Kleeman

Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board

Janke, Ryan


The Regulation of Homologous recombination by the DNA damage response: Mechanism and function of Rad55 Phosphorylation

Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Heyer

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Koenig, Claire

The effects of Polybrominated Dipheylethers (PBDEs) on neurological development

Dr. Robert Berman

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Kossack, Michelle

Determination of the Molecular Signaling Involved in Female Zebrafish Sex Determination

Dr. Bruce Draper


Lui, Doris

Determining the mechanism of homolog pairing interactions in budding yeast

Dr. Sean Burgess

Post Doc – Harvard Medical School

Miller, Jeff

Gene-by-environment interactions and resistance to the embryotoxic effects of PCB‐126 and B[a]P in killifish Fundulus heteroclitus

Dr. Andrew Whitehead


Mundy, Paige

Determining the mechanism of bifenthrin-induced sex determination alteration in zebrafish

Dr. Richard Connon

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Neale, Jennifer

Contaminant-induced immune alterations in the harbor seal

Dr. Ron Tjeerdema

Professor, American River College

Nutall, Johnathan

Gestational Exposure to 2-ethylhexanoic Acid Reduces Fetal Zinc Availability to Disrupt Development and Cause Irreversible Memory Impairments

Dr. Patricia Oteiza

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Patterson, Timothy

Response of cultured human epidermal cells to arsenic

Dr. Robert Rice

Lead Toxicologist

Chevron Corp

Phimister, Andrew

Role of glutathione in naphthalene induced pulmonary toxicity

Dr. Charles Plopper

Principal Scientist at Novartis

Raetz, Alan

Investigating individual differences to oxidative stress and alkylating agents

Dr. Sheila David

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Reid, Karla Morello

Ospemifene as a chemo-preventive agent

Dr. Michael DeGregorio

Senior Scientist, Alta Analytical Laboratory, El Dorado Hills, CA

Reznikova, Tatiana

Disruption of keratinocyte signal transduction pathways by arsenite

Dr. Robert Rice


Rodriguez, Alissa

Testis specific microtubule associated proteins and carbendazim-induced toxicity

Dr. Marion Miller

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Sientra, Inc.

Roepke, Troy

Endocrine disruptors and their effects on invertebrate development

Dr. Gary Cherr

Assistant Professor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Schmelzer, Karla

Oxylipin metabolomics profiling in inflammatory states

Dr. Bruce Hammock

Scientist II at Dart Neuroscience

Sethi, Sunjay

Determining the mechanisms behind the developmental neurotoxic effects of PCBs

Dr. Pam Lein

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Snyder, Chelsea

Corepressor isoforms:  A novel target in pollutant-exacerbation of lung inflammation

Dr. Martin Privalsky

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Spaulding, Reggie

Hydroxyl radical oxidation of isoprene and 2-methyl-3-butene-2-ol, a comparison of laboratory data to field measurements

 Dr. Judy Charles

Research Chemist at Sunburst Sensors

Spiess, Page

Mechanism of naphthalene toxicity: investigating thiol oxidation in the mouse lung

Dr. Alan Buckpitt

Post Doc – University of Vermont

Stanton, Rebecca

Interaction of estrogen and TCDD in fatty acid metabolism of male chickens

Dr. Bill Lasley

US Dept. of Fish & Game Wildlife Biologist

Statt, Sarah

Oligodendrocyte precursors, through alternation of CA2+ permeable glutamate receptors and impairment of mitochondria, direct targets for lead neurotoxicity


Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis


Sutherland, Katherine

Repeated Exposures to the environmental contaminant Naphthalene: The effect of sex on the airway epithelial response

Dr. Laura Van Winkle

Post Doc – UC San Francisco

Ta, Tram-Anh

RyR1 malignant hyperthermia point mutation enhances susceptibility to non-coplanar pentachlorobiphenyl

Dr. Isaac Pessah

UCLA - Research Scientist

Tang, Shangming

Research focuses on the regulation and mechanism of meiotic recombination.

Dr. Neil Hunter

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Tong, Warren

Mitochondrial mutagenesis and aging

Dr. Gino Cortopassi

Clinical PKPD Scientist at Allergan

Voss, Andrew  

Locating redox-sensitive, hyperactive sulfhydryl moieties of ryanodine receptor and modulation by non-coplanar PCBs

Dr. Issac Pessah

Assistant Professor- California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Dept of Biological Sciences

Wagner, Karen

Triclocarban (T C C) exposure will cause changes in neurobiological endpoints due to potent inhibition of the soluble epoxide hydrolase (sE H) enzyme.

Dr. Bruce Hammock

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Walter, Kyla

Persistent Organic Pollutants and Thyroid Hormone Disruption:  Identifying Pathways of Developmental Neurotoxicity in a Zebrafish Model

Dr. Birgit Puschner

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis

Wampler-Glynn, Marion

MHCI proteins limit glutamatergic synapse formation in young cortical neurons

Dr. Kimberley McAllister

Adjunct Associate professor at Georgia State University

Wegesser, Teresa


Mechanisms of toxicity of ambient particulate matter

Dr. Jerold Last


Chevron Corp.

Wei, Alfreda

Antioxidative abilities of plant essential oils toward lipid peroxidation products generated from ultraviolet irradiated skin models and cells

Dr. Taka Shibamoto

Post Doc – UC Davis

Woods, Rima

Epigenentic Effects of PBDE Exposure

Dr. Janine LaSalle

Post-doc, MIND Institute, UC Davis

Zhang, Ray

The impacts of environmental chemical exposures on cardiovascular health.

Dr. Isaac Pessah

Continuing doctoral student, UC Davis