2015-2016 Seminar Schedule

Location: Vet Med 3B – Room 1105

Time: 4:00PM-5:00PM







Oct 15, 2015



Dr. Leona Samson

Professor of Biological Engineering and Biology, MIT

Biological Responses to Alkylation and Inflammation

Dr. Sheila David (Training Grant Faculty)

Nov 19, 2015



Dr. Christopher Thompson

The Scripps Research Institute

Canary in the coalmine: the Xenopus tadpole optic tectum as a biosensor for endocrine disruption of brain development.

Kyla Walter (Predoctoral trainee)

Dec 10, 2015



Dr. Brandt Eichman

Vanderbilt University

New Insights From Structural Biology Into Mechanisms of Genome Maintenance

Doug Banda (Predoctoral trainee)

Jan 21, 2016



 Dr. Daniel Gorelick

Asst. Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Environmental estrogens & cardiovascular development: new roles for old hormones

Michelle Kossack (Predoctoral trainee)

Feb 18, 2016



Dr. Chris Bradfield

Professor of Oncology, University of Wisconsin Madison

Dioxins, Clocks and Oxygen:  Prototype signals of the PAS nuclear sensor family

Samantha Faber (Predoctoral trainee)

March 17, 2016



 Dr. Gary Cherr

Professor, UC Davis

 Effects of nanomaterials on embryos development and the major defense system in developing marine embryos

Jeff Miller (Predoctoral trainee)

March 29, 2016

 Ballroom B, UCD Conference Center

 Dr. Patricia Hunt Meyer Distinguished Professor, Washington State University  Life in the 21st century:  Is it harming our reproductive health?  Dr. Neil Hunter (Training Grant Faculty)

April 21, 2016

 Valley Hall


 Dr. David Eaton

University of Washington

 From Rodents to Humans:  Understanding Species Difference in Liver Metabolism  and Toxicity

Cameron Flayer (Predoctoral trainee)

May 19, 2016

 Valley Hall


Dr. Xinxin Ding

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Role of Microsomal P450 Enzymes in Lung Carcinogenesis and Disease Susceptibility


Sarah Carratt (Predoctoral trainee)